Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The topics “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning” are definitely megatrends. Everyone’s talking about it, and it feels like everyone’s doing it. daenet’s AI/ML story started back in 1998 when we designed our logo. The background shape of daenet’s logo shows part of the dendrite of nerve cells. That was a long time ago and we were obviously a bit ahead of the times back then. But the AI and ML era is more than just up and coming. The topics are increasingly becoming a part of business and everyday life.

Increased productivity

Our most important motivation was and is research and development. We are more of an engineering company than a maths company, which is also expressed by the fact that over 50% of our colleagues, including management, have an engineering degree. Our mission is to develop software that improves your life by helping you to be more productive and efficient. We definitely offer working solutions – more than scientific experiments. Nevertheless, our team consists of scientists and professors who work successfully as architects, software developers and internationally recognised experts in real working life.