Global competitive pressures in Germany require manufacturing companies to optimise their processes across their enterprise, consistently high levels of transparency in the production process, and associated shortened turnaround times and simultaneous cost reduction measures across the entire value chain.

Innovative IoT application scenarios

Through targeted control and analysis options, we help leading companies integrate successful automation in process-oriented and discrete manufacturing.

For us, specific IoT scenarios in discrete manufacturing include tracking and monitoring to optimise the use of assets.

For process manufacturing, the use of autonomous robots offers a way of relieving people of dangerous processing steps.

Why IoT and Industry 4.0

In the context of globalisation and increasing competitiveness, the following factors are becoming increasingly important for production operations:

  • Shortening the turnaround times within the company and in cooperation with upstream and downstream production lines
  • Predictive maintenance and its impact on potential downtime on upstream and downstream processes
  • Automatic consideration of proposed solutions for maintaining production levels with the same product quality and delivery deadlines
  • Automatic generation and proposal of alternative solutions to those involved in the process in order to compensate for errors and troubleshooting
  • Providing tools for rapid decision-making
  • Improving quality while maintaining transparency in production
  • Measures to cut production costs for the optimum utilisation of resources
  • Providing key figures for the efficient management of companies through real-time processing of missed targets on both the production line and supply chain

Development of “enabler” software for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT)

We use our in-depth expertise in software development and architecture according to the “Internet of Things” to support your transition to Industry 4.0. We use standard technologies and methods such as enterprise service bus, hubs, and microservices and introduce service-oriented architecture (SOA). With tools like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s IoT Suite, we help you develop the best middleware solutions for cyber-physical systems communications. We integrate mobile devices into production processes across your enterprise and use mobile and stationary sensors to provide an integrated communications layer and information platform.

In addition, we use the Azure Machine Learning Suite to help make the assistance systems that fit your needs run your production and processes more efficiently.

You benefit from reduced production costs, reduced turnaround times, greater production transparency, and better quality. By providing services for mobile devices (apps for tablets, smartphones, etc.) and integration with the cloud, we make the key areas of human-machine interaction even stronger.

More efficiency for your IoT projects

We provide our profound IoT knowledge as standardized best-practice service packages including visioning and initial workshops, assessment, design, implementation, operation and support of your chosen solution. The aim is to accelerate your cloud projects, make them reality, train and relieve your development teams, and give you the freedom to concentrate on your professional expertise and the development of your digital business.

The following service packages are available with the click of a button. Please inquire directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible!