Develop specific expertise within your organisation

Digitalization and the development of new business fields represent highly important topics for companies both today and in the future. Successfully navigating this transformation will entail many internal changes and renewals. Such topics are naturally evaluated and developed organically and close to the ground, in the process leading to increased insourcing of expertise and the establishment of competence centres within the company.

Training courses and workshops are an essential component of this process

Inspired by the idea of “time to market” in product development, our training courses should enable participants to implement the content promptly in your overall planning so that you can solidly advance and realise your company’s individual goals.


You can register directly with us for the individual seminars listed below. Depending on whether you are planning an individual company training for one or more employees or would like to book a scheduled open training for yourself with our training partner GFU Cyrus AG, select between Individual training or Open training when making your request.

Due to our long-standing and close partnership with GFU, one of the most renowned training companies in Germany, we can provide you with many training options. We also offer many training contents in German as well as in English!

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Our workshops and expert seminars

AI Crash Course for .NET and Azure Friends

This workshop is directed at professional corporate developers and architects who want to develop Machine Learning (ML) models and integrate them into their current or new cloud-based solutions.

Duration: 3 days Course: Online training

Azure Cloud Workshop: .NET App Modernisation

Is your organisation ready for Microsoft Azure? Learn from our experts how you can approach modernizing your existing applications. Find your inspiration!

Duration: 1 day Course: Online training

BizTalk Server Training - A to Z

This workshop is aimed at all IT professionals who want to immerse themselves in the world of Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Duration: 5 days Course: Online training with hands-on lab

Data analysis with Microsoft Power BI

The seminar is intended to provide an overview of the options for creating reports and dashboards for the various Microsoft Power BI versions. You will learn how to collect data from many different data sources quickly and process them satisfactorily into meaningful analyses.

Duration: 2 days Course: Online training

Envisioning Workshop

Following one of our training courses, we offer you an exclusive follow-up workshop to support you in implementing a specific solution.

Duration: 2 days Course: Online training

Go Cloud Native with Microservices, Azure Kubernetes and DevOps

This workshop is aimed at developers who wish to learn everything they need in order to optimally use Microsoft Azure as a target platform for their container-based and serverless applications.

Duration: 3 days Course: Online training

Microsoft Azure for Enterprise Developers and Architects

The aim of this workshop is to help professional corporate developers and architects shift to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Based on many years of experience and best practices, the participants get to know technologies and strategies that help them approach the cloud megatrend in different ways.

Duration: 3 days Course: Online training

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Azure for Developers

Using Azure as a development platform is both a great opportunity and a great challenge for developers. The Microsoft Azure platform now includes more than 250 different services. Choosing the right service when building a solution architecture is crucial for development projects to be successful.

Duration: 1 day Course: Online training