ChatGPT und Co für Entwickler und IT Pros – Verstehen, Verwenden und Verwirklichen


Dauer:  1 Tag

Format:  On-site training or remote.

Level: Developer und IT Pros

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1. Introduction to the World of Language Models like ChatGPT.

  • What are large language models and how do they work?
  • “Prompts” and what’s behind them? Strategies for prompts.
  •  „Embeddings" – meaning and application.
  • Integration with custom data and systems.
  • Relevant technologies and concepts: “RAG,” tools, plugins, orchestration, co-pilots.
  • Customization options for models (prompts, adaptations, fine-tuning).
  • So-called “Open Source” models and local language models.
  • Multimodal models, image generation, and other digital content.

2. Application of Large Language Models, Examples, and Added Value.

  • What building blocks are available for applications and how are solutions created?
  • Microsoft Co-pilots and what exactly is a Co-pilot?
  • Content generation.
  • New forms of information retrieval.
  • Support for conclusions and decisions.

3. Responsible AI: Managing Corporate Data in AI.

4. Conveying the Technical Fundamentals.

  • Overview of API options for developers: Rest, C#, Python.
  • Understanding the basics of OpenAI development through API examples (C# or Python).
  • Working with “Embeddings” and vector databases.
  • Using proprietary corporate data and information.
  • Understanding “Functions,” plugins, and Co-pilots technically.
  • Orchestrating more complex applications with Semantic Kernel.
  • Distinguishing between OpenAI and Azure OpenAI, relevance of Azure Machine Learning.
  • Running local models on proprietary hardware.
  • Advanced prompt strategies and fine-tuning.
  • Technical integration approaches for applications.
  • Advanced concepts and current technical developments.
  • Applied “Responsible AI”: Securing your applications against various risks.

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ChatGPT and Co for developers and IT professionals – Understanding, using, and realizing.

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