As unique as your company

Many software solutions are like off-the-shelf clothing. They are readily available and comparatively affordable. The problem is: they don’t fit your company.

And just like clothing from a discount store, most standard software solutions quickly become obsolete. That’s why at daenet, we specialize in developing individual, tailor-made software solutions that provide long-term, tangible value to your company.

  • Custom-fit solutions for your company
  • Your requirements are the focus
  • Wide range of technologies and processes
  • Significant potential for digital business models
  • Direct integration into ongoing operations
  • Automated workflows for increased efficiency
  • Personalized consultation
Sie wollen mehr über die Potenziale des Internet of Things erfahren und wünschen sich eine persönliche Beratung? Unsere Experten stehen Ihnen gerne beratend zur Seite und sind auch auf LinkedIn für Sie da.**

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Custom software development.

Our services for your success. Our mission is simple:

We aim to make your business more efficient, productive, and future-proof. To achieve this, we offer selected service packages and solutions that enable you to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence, smart algorithms, and machine learning.

An overview of our service packages

1. Requirements Analysis

The requirements analysis ensures the successful implementation of your IT solution.

  • Target Audience: Who will be using the solution?
  • Use Cases: What are the specific areas or tasks it supports? How will it be used?
  • Processes: How will the solution be integrated within the organization?

Based on the answers, we derive requirements and describe them in detail. Through an assessment of feasibility, we prioritize these requirements accordingly.

So together, we transform your challenges into opportunities.

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2. Design and architecture

Based on the requirements analysis, we develop the design and architecture of your software solution.

  • Your corporate design makes the software visibly yours, reflecting your brand identity.
  • With optimal usability, your software is easy to use for users.
  • By effectively implementing your requirements, you integrate a valuable tool into your business processes.

We prioritize quality, maintainability, and scalability of your software to ensure long-term usability.

So together, we transform your challenges into opportunities.

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3. Programming and Implementation

Clean and efficient programming and implementation minimize subsequent costs.

  • Clear structures and clean code enable reliable maintenance.
  • Updates, adjustments, or new features are implemented promptly.
  • Any bugs or issues are quickly identified and resolved.

Our team is highly skilled and adheres to internally established standards.

Together, we transform your challenges into opportunities.

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4. Deployment

The transfer of software from the development environment to the production environment is often an exciting moment. Finally, the time has come.

  • We are familiar with the individual steps and ensure that the implementation is carried out reliably.
  • Good planning and focused execution minimize downtime and allow for timely utilization.
  • Together with your team, we integrate the new solution into your IT environment.

Our support is available to you at any time.

So together, we transform your challenges into opportunities.

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5. Operation, Maintenance, and Support

After the software is deployed, it is important that it remains reliably available to you on an ongoing basis.

  • Secure operation through regular maintenance.
  • Updates to keep up with the development of the software solution.
  • Customization and optimization of interfaces.

Our support team is available for you at any time.

Together, we will transform your challenges into opportunities.

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Experience and expertise.

Our experts for IoT projects.

Lower operating costs, more productive teams, better customer experiences, and valuable data analytics – the Internet of Things is a real game-changer for the industry. However, off-the-shelf solutions are not the answer. That’s why we offer you personalized consultation, latest technologies, and decades of experience in industrial digitalization projects. It’s a powerful combination that sets us apart from the competition and makes a crucial difference for you as well.

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Knowledge makes the difference.

Do you want to learn more about the latest technologies, trends, and current topics? Our Info Hub will keep you up to date, provide exciting background knowledge, and give you a real knowledge advantage.

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