AI Workshop for Executives

Title: Strategic Opportunities of AI (including the efficient use of Azure Open AI and GPT) for Your Company.

Discover how we can turn your AI ambitions into reality.

This workshop is tailored for decision-makers and executives in your organization to recognize the potential of AI (including Azure’s Open AI and GPT) for your business strategy. Understand how these intelligent applications can contribute to creating innovative solutions for new challenges.


Duration: 1 Day
Format: On-site training
Level: Business
Price: €5,000 plus VAT

Workshop Description

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has triggered a rapid transformation in the technology industry and is on the verge of fundamentally changing society. As decision-makers in your company, you should recognize the incredible potential of Azure’s Open AI and large learning models and understand how these intelligent applications can contribute to creating innovative solutions for new challenges.

During this Workshop:

  • Gain an overview of the Microsoft AI platform (Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Open AI, Copilots, Syntex).
  • Our experts will collaborate with key stakeholders in your organization to understand your ambitions for implementing AI and jointly specify and evaluate their use cases.
  • Explore and identify which AI tools can help you achieve your business goals faster. An expert will guide you through providing step-by-step individual advice for your AI strategy.

We will answer questions like:

  • What steps are required to develop an AI tool? Using a “Predictive Maintenance” use case as an example.
  • How can AI be effectively used in management?
  • What resources must companies provide for AI?
  • In what ways can competitive advantages be gained with AI?
  • How to formulate effective questions (“Prompt Engineering”)?

We at daenet understand that the world of Artificial Intelligence is new to many and can be challenging to navigate without support. As experts in this field, we are ready to take you on this journey of education and implementation.

In this workshop, we will demonstrate in vivid presentations and practical demonstrations how Azure Open AI can be used to develop applications that are not achievable with conventional methods. We will then illustrate with concrete examples how intelligent applications with Azure Cognitive Services, including OpenAI, can be developed.

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AI Workshop for Decision Makers

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