Damir Dobric | February 28, 2024

AI-Leadership: Your Entry into the Masterclass

AI-Leadership: Your Entry into the Masterclass

The AI-Leadership Masterclass Roadshow provides forward-thinking executives with insights into the future of leadership, supported by artificial intelligence (AI). The focus is on the application of GenAI, GPT, and other generative technologies, particularly on the Azure OpenAI platform. The event equips leaders with valuable insights to make strategic decisions and promote innovative applications in the AI era.

Topics include leveraging GPT for value-added responses, understanding the workings of AI, ensuring the security and credibility of technologies, and defining the role of leaders in the age of AI-Leadership. GenAI & GPT are highlighted as instruments for advancing modern business, enabling companies to position themselves better and operate more efficiently.

Executives are encouraged to engage early with these technologies to successfully position their companies in a changing market. The roadshow offers comprehensive knowledge to prepare leaders to confidently and securely lead the implementation of AI and shape their spheres of influence.

Date: February 28, 2024 | 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM | Würzburg

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Our agenda highlight at 1:30 PM:

The Technology behind GenAI, GPT, and Large Language Models (LLM)

New technologies require trust, especially when accessing corporate data. Damir Dobric explains the technology of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services and the AI functions. Using practical examples, he demonstrates how GPT works, how Azure protects data, and how it interacts with global knowledge.

Speaker: Damir Dobric, CEO & Lead Software Architect, daenet GmbH

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