Dr.Damir Dobric | November 28, 2023

Dev-Cloud Conference '23 The New Software Era with Azure OpenAI

Dev-Cloud Conference ‘23 Expertise in cloud development is available at DCC!

Cloud technology has revolutionized how businesses store data and deploy applications. To keep up with the latest developments in this field, continuous learning is essential. The Dev-Cloud Conference (DCC) offers an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge in this area and stay up to date. With talks, DevSessions, and workshops, programmers can learn everything they need to succeed in the cloud, from Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Kubernetes hosting, Terraform landscapes, and cloud migration.

This year, DCC will take place from November 27th to November 29th, 2023, at the Pullman Cologne Hotel in Cologne.

Dr. Damir Dobric, CEO and Lead Architect of DAENET GmbH - ACP Digital, and Microsoft MVP and RD, will deliver the following presentations:

November 28th, 17:00-18:00: The New Software Era with Azure OpenAI

November 29th, 9:00-13:00: Azure OpenAI and Semantic Kernel for Software Developers