Dr. Damir Dobric | March 19, 2024

Microsoft AI Tour - AI Workshop

Who’s up for an exciting day full of artificial intelligence? 

Damir Dobric, Microsoft MVP, and Regional Director will lead a workshop on “AI in Practice” at the Microsoft AI Tour on March 19 in Berlin! 🌐💻

The Microsoft AI Tour #MSAITour helps developers discover new possibilities with AI and enhance their knowledge and skills.


Here are some highlights that await you:

💡 1 day full of knowledge: With 18 technical sessions and 5 hands-on workshops, you can deepen your understanding of AI and enhance your skills.

📢 Keynote by Eric Boyd: The CVP AI Platform at Microsoft will deliver an inspiring keynote, providing insights into the future of artificial intelligence.


Meet industry experts, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections for future projects.

🖥️ Develop faster and more efficiently: Learn how to use AI in your projects to optimize processes and develop innovative solutions.

🧠 Generative AI: Explore the possibilities of Generative AI and learn how to expand your creative boundaries.

🔧 Latest Tools and Responsible AI: Learn about the latest tools and best practices in Responsible AI to develop ethically responsible AI systems.

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Let’s explore the future of technology together! 🌐🚀