Damir Dobric | December 13, 2023

IT Days: Microsoft Semantic Kernel and Azure OpenAI ­­­– Deep Dive

Microsoft Semantic Kernel and Azure OpenAI ­­­– Deep Dive

IT Days 2023 is a diverse IT conference that took place from December 11 to 14 in Frankfurt am Main. This conference covers a wide range of topics such as software development, architecture, AI, databases, DevOps, Agile, and management.

A highlight of the event is the presentation by Damir Dobric, a speaker discussing “Microsoft Semantic Kernel and Azure OpenAI - Deep Dive.” The session focuses on how Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming not only the technology industry but also society. Azure and .NET have established themselves as leading cloud, AI, and IoT development platforms, and with the new Semantic Kernel and Azure OpenAI, entirely new types of intelligent applications can be realized.

The demo-based session shows how developers, regardless of programming language, can use the Microsoft Semantic Kernel to integrate with Azure OpenAI and create applications that go beyond conventional development methods. It starts with an overview of Azure’s OpenAI capabilities that can be utilized with any programming language, not just .NET. Then, the focus shifts to the Semantic Kernel, demonstrating how intelligent applications can be designed.

This offering is aimed at software architects, developers, and engineers interested in building applications with Large Language Models or interested in creating such applications. For more information about the event and the presentation, visit: Damir Dobric’s Speaker Page