Barbara Hinderer | October 24, 2022

Efficient project management

What are the goals of project management? Probably assigning and prioritizing tasks, setting project timelines, milestones and dependencies, managing your team’s workload in one central place.

Our colleague Nenad Trajkovski, Microsoft MVP has taken a close look at this topic and compiles his key findings for you below.

Project for the Web

We use Project for the Web because it is a tool that offers simple, powerful work management features and can be used by project managers and team members to plan and manage work of any size.

Collaboration in teams and departments to keep a close eye on the progress of shared work is essential. The success of a project is also significantly influenced by the fact that all participants work with exactly one platform that they like to use, so that projects can be carried out smoothly.

Project for the Web is part of the Microsoft Project family of products, which includes Project Online desktop client, Project Online, Project Server, and Project. Project for the Web (or simply Project) was built on the Microsoft Power Platform and includes the following:

Project Home


Tips from our expert on using Project for the Web

  1. Be vigilant but create a common resource for the calendar template.
  2. Apply the right calendar template when you create your project. If you make a mistake and have to edit the calendar template, you won’t see the changes.
  3. Pay attention to the Microsoft groups that should be used in conjunction with your project. You will not be able to change these settings after the new project is created.
  4. Use the MS Teams channel associated with your project to ensure optimal communication,
  5. Use Accelerator, the wonderful Microsoft app from Powerapps, to manage your projects, programs and portfolios.

Vlogs from Nenad

Nenad has extensive experience working with business processes and people, as well as knowledge in information technology and financial accounting.

Find here the appropriate tutorials - vlogs - to successfully use Microsoft’s project management tool: How to use Project for the Web?

Personal recommendation of the author, are also Nenads' online courses.

Background to Nenad’s person

Nenad Trajkovski was born in Zagreb in 1963. year. After completion of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Nenad has started on the development and implementation of enterprise systems (ERP) in companies of various areas (banks, card houses, production companies, auto industry, wholesale businesses, oil companies, and others). He has extensive experience in working with business processes, people and knowledge in information technology and financial accounting activities.

Currently, Nenad works as a consultant for the implementation of business systems, and as Project Manager. He is trainer for Project Management and Risk Management in Microsoft Innovation Center in Varaždin.

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