You have an established solution, lots of great ideas and are planning to migrate to Azure? Migration to the cloud is more than just moving your IT from one location to another, it is a longer transformation phase of your way of working and business processes.

We have been helping our customers migrate their business applications to the cloud for over a decade. We are not a consulting firm that merely prepares you theoretically for your migration. In our role as Trusted Technical Advisor, we quickly see what needs to be done and carry out the task according to your business and industrial needs. Our team of internationally recognized experts will guide you through this process in close partnership with Microsoft.

We start with a workshop to learn more about your Cloud vision and your specific requirements. These workshops aim to identify exactly what needs to be done and what is possible. This is done as part of a feasibility study with one or more proof-of-concepts to ensure that the migration can be carried out with the best possible technical solution in a reasonable time and budget.

Our Service Offer:

Phase 1: Feasibility and Scope

Evaluation of the current local footprint, such as networks, physical and virtual machines and application interfaces. Analysis of the existing on-premise applications and determination of implementation as hybrid and/or complete cloud solutions.

Phase 2: Definition of the Migration Scenario

We define the migration scenario. This can be an actual migration of servers, applications and databases (lift & shift), or a refinement of the applications for cloud operation. By the end of this phase, the necessary cloud resources and services have been defined and the future operating costs have been calculated.

Phase 3: Proof of Concept

If the assessment of individual components or the entire application turns out to be very complex, we design and implement a prototype for the migration of the defined scenario.

Phase 4: Migration

We allow about three months of work for the migration phase. For more complex projects, the migration is divided into several sub-steps of three months. This incremental approach reduces the risks associated with migration and allows us to make the workload as transparent as possible.

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