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Barbara Hinderer | December 6, 2023

A Fascinating Challenge: An Experiment with the AI-Based Article Recognition App

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A Fascinating Challenge: An Experiment with the AI-Based Article Recognition App

In the world of car parts and accessories, there’s a name synonymous with quality and diversity: Herth+Buss. Recently, we had the opportunity to conduct a small experiment with their online shop and an innovative app to test how well customers navigate their product catalog.

The setup was simple yet challenging. We invited participants to our booth at the Digital Days 2023, where we used an iPad to access Herth+Buss’s online catalog.

Our mission? How quickly can I find the ‘Yellow Crimp Connector’ in the universal parts section?

Initially, 24 items were displayed, but there was a twist—some parts were hidden. A brief countdown initiated the challenge. One randomly selected participant was handed one of three hidden crimp connectors. Their task was to find the correct part number in the online catalog before I could scan the same part with the VCD (Vehicle Communication Device) on my phone using the camera.

The conditions were clear: The participant had to be both faster than the app and select the correct part number to win and receive a giveaway.

The results were fascinating.

Only about 10% of participants successfully completed the challenge. It was undeniably challenging yet achievable, enhancing the thrill and competitive spirit.

This experience demonstrated that even in seemingly simple scenarios like searching for a specific car part in an online catalog, the right combination of speed, knowledge of the inventory, and handling technology is necessary for success.

We thank Herth+Buss for granting us the opportunity to conduct this exciting experiment. It not only added to the fun but also showcased how demanding and thrilling the world of car parts and accessories can be. Who would have thought that a search for a crimp connector could be so challenging and exhilarating?

Have you had similar experiences or conducted experiments with technological innovations in the automotive industry?

For more information about our solution, visit: Visual Components Detector

About the Digital Days: The Digital Days 2023 showcased Vienna’s commitment to Digital Humanism.

Held on November 20th and 21st at the Vienna Technical Museum, the Digital Days 2023 were dedicated to the practical implementation of Digital Humanism, with a major highlight being the introduction of Vienna’s new Digital Agenda.

Under the motto ‘Digital Humanism in Action,’ the event featured inspiring talks, interactive workshops, and the DigiStreet exhibition, demonstrating how Vienna leverages technological innovations to enhance residents’ quality of life. Vienna’s approach to Digital Humanism places people at the core of the city’s digital transformation.

Throughout the two-day event, experts from around the globe discussed the prerequisites for shaping digitization in accordance with the principles of fundamental human rights, both locally and at the European level. The collaboration between the city, business, and academia showcased innovative technologies supporting modern administration and strengthening Vienna’s status as a thriving economic hub. Presentations highlighted Vienna’s current implementation of Digital Humanism and its potential for a modern healthcare and education system, secure privacy-protecting technologies, a contemporary work environment, and a socially and environmentally sustainable city."