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Barbara Hinderer | May 18, 2023

The path to having more "10X" developers at daenet through GitHub Copilot

You are probably familiar with the concept of “10X” developers, who can accomplish ten times the work of an average developer in the same amount of time. These are the developers that every customer would love to have on their project team. At daenet, the use of the latest AI-powered tools helps us achieve quality improvements and significant leaps in efficiency in the development process. As a result, we can simply develop solutions for our customers better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

We are proud to integrate GitHub Copilot into our daily development work. This powerful AI tool, based on the latest LLM models from Azure-OpenAI, provides our developers with a new level of productivity and support. In this blog article, we will delve deeper into how our developers at daenet use GitHub Copilot and the benefits it brings them.

1. Automatic code generation.

One outstanding feature of GitHub Copilot is its ability to automatically generate code. Our developers can integrate Copilot into their preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and access intelligent code suggestions while programming. Copilot analyzes the existing code, learns from patterns, and then automatically generates code snippets to assist developers in completing their tasks more quickly. This not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and quality of the code. This applies to both “boilerplate” code, which involves frequently repeated similar code segments like accessing a database or integrating with a cloud service, as well as the usage of less-common frameworks. We can save a significant amount of time by focusing on understanding the functionality rather than repeatedly looking up the syntax of obscure standard API calls. As a result, we can deliver customer requirements faster and with greater precision.

2. Error fixing and debugging.

GitHub Copilot also assists our developers in troubleshooting. When a developer encounters an issue or needs to identify a bug, Copilot can often recognize the problem, provide explanations, and offer suggestions on how to fix it. This can be helpful for both minor syntax errors and more complex logical errors. The AI capabilities of Copilot enable developers to find solutions faster and more efficiently, helping them avoid potential pitfalls.

3. Adaptive support 

GitHub Copilot utilizes machine learning and AI algorithms to fulfill the requirements and preferences of our developers. Copilot adapts the generated code to match the individual writing style and preferences of the developers in their respective projects, providing relevant code suggestions. This allows developers to increase efficiency and tailor their work to their specific needs, effectively highlighting their individual strengths.

4. Improved documentation 

When using CoPilot, it can be guided by existing documentation such as comments on classes and functions and generate implementation suggestions accordingly. It can also help in creating documentation based on the existing program code. This way, developers can create better program documentation with the help of CoPilot.

5. Analysis of foreign program code.

Often, our developers work on projects with existing program code that has been written by other developers. Frequently, this source code is poorly or not documented, and the original developer may not be available for inquiries. In such cases, CoPilot can provide explanations for what a specific, non-obvious segment of the program does.

6. Generating test cases. 

CoPilot can generate what are called test cases, which can then be integrated into test automation to test the developed program code.

7. Support for various programming languages.

Another major advantage of GitHub Copilot is its support for a wide range of programming languages. Our developers at daenet work with various languages such as C#, Python, JavaScript, and more. Copilot provides extensive support for these languages, making it easier for our developers to work on different projects and technologies.

8. Continuous improvement of AI capabilities. 

GitHub Copilot is constantly being developed based on the experiences and feedback from the developer community. Additionally, the underlying AI model is improved through training on more data and fine-tuning. This means that our developers at daenet benefit from the continuous updates and improvements, receiving more powerful support.

Our conclusion:

Our developers, as pilots, maintain full control but now, thanks to CoPilot, they can fly through a winter storm at supersonic speed.

CoPilot brings new and exciting possibilities to our development process. Automatic code generation, error correction, adaptive support, and support for various programming languages make CoPilot a valuable tool in our development process.

At daenet, we are thrilled about the possibilities that GitHub Copilot offers and look forward to future advancements in this field of AI-assisted development tools. However, we also exercise caution because not everything generated by Copilot always makes sense, and not everything is the best solution. We view Copilot as a new developer colleague.