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Gain insight into the fascinating world of Generative AI, especially in the context of chatbots. In an era where technology shapes our interactions and daily lives, Generative AI and chatbots open up enormous possibilities, expanding the boundaries of human interaction and creative processes.


Chatbots - Virtual assistants engage in human-like conversations based on Generative AI. Dive into the basics of Generative AI and understand the functioning of neural networks. Explore how this advanced technology is implemented in chatbots to simulate natural conversations. From data processing to speech recognition, we delve into the key components that make chatbots a fascinating tool for interaction.

Our development prowess is based on more advanced technologies like machine learning or Natural Language Processing (NLP). Code is frequently used to train models and implement algorithms that enhance language processing and understanding.

Large Language Models (LLMs)
LLMs stand for “Large Language Models.” These are machine learning models specialized in understanding, processing, and generating natural language. These models employ massive neural networks with millions or even billions of parameters to gain a deep understanding of the structure, semantics, and grammar of natural language. LLMs are trained to handle various tasks in the field of natural language processing.

Examples of LLMs include models like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) by OpenAI and other similarly powerful models that can be employed for various applications in natural language processing. Thanks to the flexibility and versatility of our development platform, we can integrate different chatbot models, including OpenAI, Azure Open AI, and custom models. This diversity allows us to offer tailored solutions perfectly suited to the individual needs of our clients.

Our Webinars and Training
Discover how Generative AI and chatbots are already revolutionizing various industries – from customer support and e-commerce to education and healthcare. In our AI training sessions, we show businesses and developers how to leverage these technologies to create personalized experiences and streamline workflows more efficiently.

Deployment of Generative AI and Chatbots
Our AI service offering provides a platform with resources, articles, and practical guides to deepen your understanding of Generative AI and chatbots. Whether you’re a curious enthusiast, a developer seeking innovation, or a company looking to explore the value of this technology – we invite you to join us in our Webinars or Training Sessions to be inspired by our knowledge and passion for artificial intelligence.

Embark on this exciting journey with us to explore the world of Generative AI and its application in chatbots. Let’s together delve into the future of interactive technology and realize the endless possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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The ACP Chatbot – Our Solution

The ACP Chatbot was developed to provide all employees with an efficient and user-friendly way to access various internal resources, services, and information. The ACP Chatbot is deployed as an assistant through Microsoft Teams, offering specific advantages compared to other chatbots like ChatGPT:

  • Efficient Utilization of Internal Company Data through the Search Function:
    The search function accesses internal company data to deliver relevant information to users that is pertinent to internal business processes or information. These company data are then made available to users through databases such as content databases, internal systems like CRM systems, sales materials, websites, etc.

  • Search Methods:

    • Natural Language Processing (NLP): This advanced technology enables chatbots to understand natural language, recognize semantic meanings, and generate context-specific responses.

    • Database Search: Chatbots access databases or knowledge databases to find and provide relevant information to the user.

    • API Calls: For complex queries, chatbots use external APIs to provide specific information or services such as weather forecasts, news updates, or product information.

  • The Chatbot as an Additional Assistant:
    Thus, the chatbot is not merely a simple communication tool but offers additional functions to make Teams communication more effective. In this context, the chat can be considered an assistant that helps users find information, coordinate tasks, plan meetings, or perform other supportive tasks. It can also act as a mediator for quick queries or finding resources within the team to enhance efficiency and information exchange.

  • The Chatbot Operates on a Role-Based Basis:
    Through role-based access control, different users or groups can be assigned different access rights and permissions for the chatbot. This could mean that administrators can perform certain privileged actions, while regular users may only access specific functions or data. Examples of roles could include “Administrator,” “Developer,” “End User,” or “Guest,” with each role having specific rights or restrictions regarding access to chatbot functions, data, or settings.
    This concept of role-based access control helps improve the security, management, and control of the chatbot system.

  • Chat Histories Can Be Saved:
    This recording can serve to review past interactions, provide history information for the user, or improve the performance of the chatbot by referring to past conversations to recognize patterns or collect training data.

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